3: Product & Price

Your job is to promote low-price images for creative (commercial) and editorial (non-commerical) use.

Low Price
Our prices are much lower than the price at traditional stock agencies such as of Getty and Corbis, and also lower than Istock and other low-price image agencies. At YAY you can buy one image if you want to, we don't demand you buy credits in bulk. A large image will never cost you more than $13, and you'll get it as low as $2.68. All images have the same price.

High Quality
Yes, it's possible with low price and high quality! Our images have all been approved by a team of approvers. The images are at least 3000 pixels, making them suitable for both online and print. If a customer isn't satisfied with the quality we offer a money-back guarantee.

It's easy to search, browse and buy images at YAY. We are constantly working on ways to improve the experience for our customers, helping them to find the right image, without any hassle. Our focus on simplicity is reflected in our clean design.

With 11470862 images you're sure to get variety when you are searching for images. We offer both photos, illustrations and vector files. You'll find over 10.000 people models, as well as celebrity images. Take a look at our Category page if you want to browse different images.

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