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Introduction is an online marketplace where photographers around the world can sell their images directly to customers.

YAY Micro (YAY) aims to be the best creative and editorial microstock agency in terms of low price, high quality, a good reputation and a high customer and contributor satisfaction. Our vision is to be the leading digital content provider.

YAY is located in Oslo, Norway. YAY was founded by Jan Ole Kjellesvig, Linda Johannessen and Oddbjørn Sjøgren.

We greatly appreciate any feedback, good or bad, suggestions and advice from our customers, contributors and visitors. Click here for contact information.

The YAY Core Team

Linda Lægreid Johannessen

Linda is CEO and partner at YAY. Previously work experience includes Marketing- and Key Account Manager at Scanpix, and Account Management at Microsoft Norway. She holds a Master in Marketing and Management from Norwegian School of Economics.

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Jan Ole Kjellesvig

Jan is partner and Chief Operating Officer and Business Developer at YAY. He has previously worked as a Key Account Manager and Business Developer at Scanpix, Scandinavia's largest image agency. Jan has an entrepreneurial nature, and has founded several companies.

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Oddbjorn Sjøgren
Oddbjørn, known as Bjorn, is a partner and CTO at YAY.

Work experience includes Developer at Agile Insight and Senior Developer at Norsync Technology AS. Bjorn is also the founder of Alfa Omega IT tjenester and

Bjorn has a Bachelor of Management from the Norwegian School of Economics, and a Master of Information Technology from Queensland University of Technology in Australia.

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What is Microstock
Affordable image agencies such as YAY are called microstock. Microstock agencies sell digital content at low prices. The content is created and uploaded by the site's community and partners. The contributors get a 50 % commission every time their content is bought and downloaded. For customers microstock entails the availability of a large amount of both professional and "odd" images at affordable prices. YAY offers variation, quality, low price and a great user experience.

The First Years
YAY was established in January 2008, and the first images were uploaded to our site on March 7 same year. After several great reviews and positive response YAY managed to get 200,000 images in the image base by site launch in June 2008.

Today, 11,650 photographers and artists have signed up, and you’ll find 12,454,330 quality images at


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Social responsibility is important for us at YAY. We believe a company should actively participate in making our society a better one. This includes our employees, business partners and local society, but also being an environmental friendly business and help people who are less fortunate

We try to be a paperless business, with only a minimum of paper usage. All waste is recycled, and we try to restrict our business travels and other business activities associated with emissions.

We have chosen to donate parts of our profit to Kiva. Kiva is a micro finance site (Micro finance is the supply of loans, savings, and other basic financial services to the poor), and their mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty. We at YAY encourage all our customers, suppliers and partners to join Kiva and help make a difference!

Read more about Kiva


Business Opportunities

As a photographer / illustrator you can sell licenses for your work through our website. You keep the ownership of your work, but it is licensed under a Royalty Free license. This gives the customer the right to use your work several times, and in large distribution, without extra licensing. You get a 50 % commission at YAY. On subscription sales we offer a €1 (equals about $1.50) commission for each download. You are free to sell your work on other sites. Read more about being a photographer at YAY here , or sign up and begin uploading here .

If you are interested in adding a YAY Stock Images API to your site go to our Stock Image API-page for more information.

Affiliate Program
You can earn money by promoting our Affiliate Program. We give you a 20% commission each time a customer buys anything at YAY - forever! Read more..

Job Opportunities
Our image approval is done by a professional company, and therefore we do not need any image approvers. If you are interested in representing YAY in your local market, please contact us for more information about commission, sales material and requirements. E-mail: . Or take a look at our Affiliate Program .

If you or your company is interested in forming a strategic partnership with YAY, please contact us by e-mail with details regarding your company and suggested partnership activities. E-mail:


For detailed investor related information, please contact us at


Contact Us:

YAY General Inquiry:
Phone: (+47) 24 07 75 10
Customer Support
Jan Ole Kjellesvig
Linda L. Johannessen
Oddbjorn Sjogren
Mail and Office address:
YAY Media AS Gaustadalléen 21, NO-0349 Oslo
Company Registration Numer / VAT-Number:
992 197 137 MVA
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