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YAY Image Agency connects photographers with potential customers. At YAY photographers upload their images, and we present them to potential clients for licensing. When your image is licensed to a customer who buys credits, you get a 50% commission. We are looking for all kind of images - the most popular are lifestyle, people, objects, food and travel.


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Information on Selling Images


We at YAY are always looking for great photographers and illustrators!
Professional, semi-professional and amateur photographers are all more than welcomed at our site. We are looking for a wide variety of images and illustrations, both commercial, editorial and art.


On this page you'll find information on how you registrer at YAY, how you upload and sell your images, what commission you'll receive and how you can promote your images. You'll find more general information about YAY at our About Us page, and answers to general questions in our Image FAQ. If you can't find an answer to your questions, please contact us at


We are continuously updating our site, and we are planning to release several features for photographer this year. If you have any requests or ideas we'd love to hear from you, e-mail us at You can follow us on Facebook to get a day-by-day update.


We hope you'll join YAY, and that you'll enjoy being a part of our community!




The commission is 50 % to contributors on all single image sales. For subscriptions the commission is 1,5 euro per download for high-res, €0.75 for medium sized images and €0.20 for small images.

On all our partner sales we offer you a 50% commission. Our partners license your images at different prices, ranging from microstock prices like YAY's, and up to several hundred dollars for an image. You will always get a 50% cut on what we get for a license!

It is important for us at YAY that photographers get a fair commission!

We use PayPal for payouts, if PayPal is not available in your country – please contact us on and we’ll arrange another payout option for you (we also support MoneyBookers). Payout limit is 30 euro.



Guide to Uploading Files


1. Sign Up First, you have to sign up, and then you are ready to begin uploading.


2. Upload Your Files Click on My Account, and then choose Upload. Now you can upload from within the browser (press "Click here to upload files) or with FTP (server: If you have a vector-file you can upload a zip with the jpg to get the IPTC-data.


3. Describe Your Images. After your files have been uploaded, click "Describe".

  • Title: Write the title of the photo here. The title will be displayed on the search-results page. It should only contain key-elements in the picture.
  • Country: Insert the country where the photo was taken here. The default is your residential country.
  • Category: Choose between creative and editorial. Editorial images have more restrictions on usage.
  • Description: Write a short description of what you see, or think of when seeing, your image here. If the image is editorial, please include specifics - such as name of the people depicted, the time, location and/or name of event.
  • Keywords: Write between 5 and 70 keywords describing your image. Avoid using unrelated keywords. Try to imagine what a buyer would search for when looking for this image.
  • Releases: If the photo is creative and has a property or model release it can be attached here.

    4. Add Releases You only have to do this once for each model! If you have images of people you need a signed contract allowing you to license the photo. You can use your own, forms from other agencies, or ours: Model Release.doc or Model Release.pdf
    To add a model or property release click on "Releases" in the left menu. Click "Add model release" or "Add property release". Fill out the fields:

  • Name: The name of the model
  • Sex: Male or female.
  • Ethnicity: Pick the right ethnicity - if unsure use "Other".
  • Country: The country where the model is from.
  • Approximate birth year: The year the model was born.
  • Homepage: If the model has a public homepage, you may add it here.
  • Public information: If the model has any information, f.ex contact address, it can be added here.
  • Photo: Upload a photo of the model.
  • Release: Upload a release in either pdf or jpeg format.
  • Save model: Press here when done.

  • Remember that these fields will be used in searches, except name and optional fields.

    The model release can now be added to all of the images of this model. You only need one model release for each model.


    6: After Submitting

    Images you have submitted that are waiting for review will be listed here.

    If an image has been rejected it will show here. See our list of rejections to find more information. If you can correct the error you are welcome to resubmit the image.

    Approved images that are ready for sale will be listed here. You will be able to change title/description/keywords/country here. If you need to you can also delete an image.


    Send Files by Mail


    If you have a large amount of material you can send your material to us on a CD, DVD or portable hard drive:
    YAY Media AS 

    Gaustadalléen 21 

    N-0349 OSLO 



    Image Requirements

    Images need to be at least 6 megapixels and in addition a minimum of 1500 pixels on each side. For example: 4000x1500px, 1500x4000px or 3000x2000px.


    We accept JPEG, JPEG 2000, SVG and EPS (should be AI8 compatible .eps file).
    Please note: You do not have to upload a JPEG-file with your vector. Our system automatically creates a JPEG. If you wish to use a JPEG for IPTC data you can zip a jpeg and eps (or svg) together and upload that and any IPTC information found in the jpeg will be put on the entries on the describe page.


    Make Money on Our Affiliate and Referral Program

    Read more at our Affiliate Program Page. We offer 20 % commission on all customer referrals, €0.1 on all photographer referral sales, and more!

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