API Image Distribution and Reselling

With over 12454330 images, YAY Micro has one of the largest stock photo collections in the world. With our Application Programming Interface (API) you can connect directly to YAY, and get the possibility to sell our images - white label!

We have created one of the easiest and most flexible solution for image resellers worldwide. As a certified YAY partner, we will give you access to this vast collection and help you integrate these images into your collection.


What is an API?

An application programming interface (API) is a set of software rules a system can follow to access and make use of resources that are located on another system. Basically it's an interface that makes it possible for different computer systems to communicate and interact.

YAY's API gives partners the opportunity to communicate with YAY's servers, which gives your users the possibility to search, preview, buy and download images directly from us without them ever leaving your site. Read more technical information on the API here.


Flexible Pricing and License

Currently our images are licensed from $1 to $200, depending on size and usage. You decide the price you want to apply depending on your market and price strategy. We also offer subscriptions.

The image license is Royalty Free with few limitations. No restriction on medium, size or usage. You can set your own limitations as you see fit.


Why You Should Join

This program is a fresh way to earn more money from selling images. Whether you are a large traditional image agency or a small creative agency, integrating a collection of 12454330 high-quality stock images can give you a great new way of generating revenue. Our API is also available for print services, press and media agencies and the like.

The API is easy to integrate and we offer free support to help you set it up.


How to Join

If you want to set up an API account with us, send us an email at api@yaymicro.com and we'll give you an API-key for testing. If you decide to become a certified partner we'll send you an agreement and we'll negotiate the specific terms. In the meantime you can read more technical information on the API.


Flexible Technical Solution

The API can be implemented in a number of ways. Either you can let us host the search engine and the preview/thumbnails, or you can do it yourself. We give you the option to download all metadata, which can then be implemented in your search engine. You can also download all thumbnails and previews. On the preview images we can add your own watermark to make the solution as white label as possible.

We also offer tailor-made solutions where necessary.


Payment and Commission

You will get access to a control panel where you can see all downloads provided through the API. Every month or so we'll send you an invoice for all downloads provided through the API. Each agreement is negotiated separately. In general, commission to YAY is 60%. YAY has to accept your price level. You will get access to a control panel where you can see all downloads provided through the API. Billing is monthly.


See Our Images

You can see our images in several ways:

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Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us!

E-mail: api@yaymicro.com or post@yaymicro.com
Live Chat: Click on the link at the top right corner
Phone: +47 952 12 104 (Jan Kjellesvig, COO)
or +47 402 80 139 (Linda Johannessen, CEO)

Why YayMicro?

12,454,330 images from more than 11,650 photo-graphers.
Quality assured high-resolution images.
Easy to search, view and download images.
Low prices starting at $1.95.

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