Looking for Great Images for Your Blog?

At YAY you'll find images for blog use for only € 1. It's popular to use images in blogs, and studies show that people favor blogs with images. When you buy a photo at YAY you can use it at your blog without worrying about copyright and lawsuits.


Image Copyright: Royalty Free and Editorial

Most of the images at YAY have a Royalty Free-license. When you buy an image with a Royalty Free license you buy the right to use the image as much as you want. You can use the same image in you blog, in your design, as twitter background image, or as a living room painting.

Some images have an Editorial license. These images can only be used in an editorial context. If you in your blog write a blog post about Barrack Obama you can use an image of Obama. But you can not use an image of Obama to sell a product, promote your blog, service or anything else commercial.

If you are unsure about your image use - contact our customer service for free!


What Image Size Do I Need?

If you only plan to use the image for your blog and web you should buy small images. Small images are cheap, and you don't have to resize them after buying and downloading them. A small image is 0.3 MP. Many of us don't know how much 0.3 MP is, so we have made a image size guide where you can see for yourself how large the different image sizes are.

Example of image sizes - click here!

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