What Image Bank Should I Use?

Don't pay more than you have to for your stock images. The world is full of other wonderful things to spend your money on, such as iPads and cupcakes!

Prices for images and Image Deals

ipad ipad ipad ipad ipad ipad
Image Bank: $ Price, 10 images You SAVE:
iStockphoto $358 $277 (half an iPad)
Fotolia $327 $246 (karaoke machine)
Dreamstime $185 $104 (an hour+ massage)
Shutterstock $120 $39 (lots of cupcakes)
YAYmicro $81 Buy Image Deal

How we got the price:
Fotolia: 30 credits x 10 images = 300 credits = $327
iStock: 25 credits x 10 images = 250 credits x $1.43 = 292
Dreamstime: 19 credits x 10 images = 190 credits = $185
Shutterstock: 5 images = $60, x2 = $120
YAY: 10 images = Mini Image Deal = $80

How we found the prices:
We checked the price for 10 royalty free stock images, in high-res, using the same images in all agencies. (Ex: YAY, Fotolia, iStock, Dreamstime, Shutterstock)

Then we compared our price with the top four microstock image banks. Of course, as you would, we tried to get the best deal available!

If you have any feedback, please e-mail us at post@yaymicro.com.

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